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The Duncan/Methos Fic List
Heat Goes to Cold, by Amand-r 
26th-Feb-2006 09:40 am
>> One in a lifetime <<

Title: Heat Goes to Cold
Author: Amand-r
Public: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Casual, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Long Fic
Warning: Friendship

Summary: Another day in the life of the oldest of us all, a day filled with bittersweet memories, trivial things, thoughts, shared moments with friends, a bit of questioning and a few obstacles... to in the end coming to a conclusion linking heat to cold... or vice versa.


Settings ==> One of the best rehashing of the TV series from a Methos' point of view, I might say. Those flashbacks and remembrances are far from being shoddily set and introduced, they really give substance to what the story tells, they picture with an acute intelligence and care for details the state of mind of Methos. The events that we are remembered bring into the fic the necessary even quite indispensable continuity with Highlander Universe, continuity but also consistency of it. However, we see it with the eyes and the mind of the Oldman which rings similar but so much deeper, I think. A lot of depth and volume, a lot of shades of color...

Characters ==> Once again, one of the best if not the best characterization of a canon Methos I have ever read. Methos is amazingly real, 3-dimensional character... down to earth, living soul... etc I lack of words to describe how well he is pictured so you have to read the fic to know. The other characters, long gone or still around, are painted by the relationship they share with Methos, by the distance or the closeness at which they stand... and by how Methos understands them and embraces them... The canon quality reflects on everything and everyone. A few words about Duncan maybe, he is as ambivalent as the show stages him, ambivalent in regards of Methos mind you and as such he is deeply complex and canon.

Plot ==> It's really a slice of life fic, there are things that happen but they are only excuses to stage a dive into Methos' psyche. However, it is staged minutely, with lots of details, intelligence, depth and a real understanding of his character. And because it is so acute and fresh, it never gets boring.

Style ==> I always find the 2nd person narrator kind of odd, it gives distance and adopts a lecture tone, self-lecture to be precise in fact. But in the present case, it really gives an edge to the fic, something that makes lot of sense and rings really true when Methos is concerned. That said, the trivial routine and the day-to-day pace are something that are perfectly staged and brought up by the simple and frighteningly efficient style. The author knows what she writes about and how she writes it.

Interest ==> The relationship between Duncan and Methos is a really small component of the fic, what it is about is essentially Methos, it's a Methos fic. As such it is simply incontrovertible.

In conclusion ==> If you are interested in Methos or even if you're not, I really advise you to read this one, try and read. It really sheds light in a realistic not maudlin or heroworship way.

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