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The Duncan/Methos Fic List
Specter, by Sharon Cross 
28th-Jan-2006 11:49 pm
>> One in a lifetime <<

Title: Specter
Author: Sharon Cross
Public: NC-17
Genre: Future Fic, Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Alternate Universe, Novel
Sequel: Songs of the Flesh [>>]

Summary: Specter is the most famous and feared assassin in recent times, but Specter is just a code name. Who is this creature who has no memories of his past and has for only drug-induced directive to murder on command? What happens when the weapon turns against his masters? And then what are the ties he shares with the one called First Citizen in this new federation of planets, ultimate development of human civilization?


Settings ==> The universe is breathtaking and totally captivating. The connections linking it with Highlander Universe are thin and intentionally blurry. However, those are in time fully explored and explained as we witness Specter's quest of identity and the regaining of his memories. The past of our heroes is indeed unfolded in details and reveals the depth of emotions concerning each of their will to live/survive and the bound that they share even if denied. The Sci-Fi aspect of the story is fascinating, well thought and very cleverly integrated into the universe. Many recurrent themes are delivered accompanied by as many good and well-inspired original ways to put them together in a coherent, colorful, consistent context. To finish, the blatlanty universal-freedom-of-sexual-preferences-and-polygamy-in-marriage take on is a smart trick to stage the slash aspect.

Characters ==> The characters are a work of art, really, very well characterized, full of volume and full of depth as we explore their past and present. The bundle of hurts, joys, love, expectations, fears, yearnings, doubts, questionings which moves them is particularly well staged, well described and without contest feels true. As such the characters even when their lines are redefined by the new area, thrown a few thousand years in the future; their new ties, having large family or cruel master.... so the characters and with it I really mean Duncan and Methos, reveal to be realistically canon. The author shares with us her vision, her version of canon but it never gets out of trail and she definitely brings life into them. Her skill for picturing these two characters is reflected in every other characters i.e. the original characters. As they remain secondary they are not the heroes of the story, but the author is far from disregarding them... she also brings life into them and adds volume and depth.

Plot ==> The plot consists in the unraveling of the present situation. It begins rather simply but it unfolds rapidly more and more issues which need to be solved in turn. To tell more will certainly spoil the mystery and the quest. Rest assured though that the fic avoids confusion, the narrative stays coherent and doesn't jump from too many point of view. It lends to the plot a salvaging linearity that allows an easy comprehension of the many threads at stake.

Style ==> The tone chosen is absolutely without flaws. There is coldness and rawness when Specter thinks. There is nostalgic sadness, sarcastic humour and genius mastermind when Methos thinks. There is bittersweet regret and general loss feelings when Duncan thinks. The author conveys with talent and intimacy the different filters through which the story is told. Some of her previous work could have been labelled as too naive; here, she gains in style, in writing and in maturity.

Interest ==> I have to confess that I read this fic as a last resort. I was bored and searching for something to read, in the first place I am not a fan of sci-fi so I didn't feel like reading this one. Fortunately, I give it a try and I was baffled. The further you get in the story the more addicted you become and then you really appreciate its impressive length, to discover in the end that it's not finished yet, things are left to be resolve... and you smile beatifically thinking about how longer you can stay in this universe.

In conclusion ==> This fic is simply unique and presents a superb saga in future time and in the immensity of space, with a conflicted and rotting human society... This universe is a marvel to discover, the characters are full of life and complexity... and the relationship between Methos and Duncan is as ambivalent as ever. Really incontrovertible.

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25th-Feb-2010 10:43 pm (UTC) - specter
you could send me a copy of Specter and songs of the flesh
my e-mail is mozart9898@netscape.net
26th-Feb-2010 10:30 am (UTC) - Re: specter
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