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The Duncan/Methos Fic List
Revenge in Seacouver, by Anatala 
11th-Mar-2006 09:54 pm
>> One in a lifetime <<

Title: Revenge in Seacouver
Author: Anatala
Public: NC-17
Genre: Future Fic, Detective Fic, Romance, Angst, Long Fic

Summary: Seacouver 2075, the world has changed but crime persists. A series of murders leads police officer Duncan MacLeod to meet a long time lost friend. Follow the investigation and see if Duncan can mend with his past, his present and his future.


Settings ==> Definitely appealing. It isn't that much original but it is rendered in spades and with a really endearing quality. It appears then fresh, coherent, charming, smart and familiar. The past is explored, as much the Highlander mythology than simply the characters history. In this perspective, there is no real split with the present and the story flows fluently. The society described doesn't suffer of any remarkable flaws. And to conclude, the crimes and the investigation are very well rendered and bring their part of mystery and excitation.

Characters ==> If I had to point out the main fault of this fic, it would be the characters. It isn't really something absolutely deplorable, far from it, on the contrary... they are good... enough...
They just lack... of what? They lack of fire, they lack of living drive... Mostly they seem like puppets, they go where the general action leads, it appears that nothing moves them. While at times, it is appropriate most of the time, it just lack of energy as Duncan and Methos lose their edges...
When at times, in some fics, I find them "too-much" "grander than life" "angstier than life" "more tragic than life" "lustier than life"... here they just cruelly lack... The original characters suffers from the same issue and in addition they aren't given as much attention.

Plot ==> It's an interesting take on. I'm fond of detective tvshows such as "Law and Order" or lately "CSI: Las Vegas", I was really gladly surprised to find that piece of story. The case is quite good, its staging is even great. There is the gradual suspense, the little by little resolution of the mystery, and even the final twist. A really interesting and worthy investigation without contest. The other part of the plot seems duller in the lights, I'm talking about the establishment of the relationship between Duncan and Methos. While the remembrances are well done, I found the relationship evolution badly integrated to the main plot. Not that badly but the two doesn't exactly blend with each other.

Style ==> This fic must be the author's masterpiece. It is the most accomplished and carries the reader gently throughout an exciting story. The ideas are good and well developed. The writing is strong. The style is fresh and appealing. The story is coherent and fluent. And most importantly, the fic gives off a certain sense of nostalgia and conveys a throbbing feeling of yearning which both are its most successful achievement.

Interest ==> If you like those detective tvshows as I do, you'll be delighted. If you like those society-in-the-near-future shows, likewise.

In conclusion ==> A story you've never seen, this fic surely is and as such it deserves this rating. Even if I found the D/M side of the story somehow disappointing, in all honesty, even this part is still worth it. I'm a sucker for originality and this fic is really quite unique.

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12th-Mar-2006 08:02 pm (UTC)
I have to say I agree with you on almost every point of your rec. anatala writes some of the best historical fics out there in my opinion and this futurefic I found to be compelling and intriguing. Great rec!
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