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The Duncan/Methos Fic List
July 2nd, 2005 
10:32 am - Authors List A-Z

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  • Amand-r
    - Heat Goes to Cold | PG-13 | Angst, Casual, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Long Fic | {Recommended}
    Summary: Another day in the life of the oldest of us all, a day filled with bittersweet memories, trivial things, thoughts, shared moments with friends, a bit of questioning and a few obstacles... to in the end coming to a conclusion linking heat to cold... or vice versa.
  • Anatala
    - Revenge in Seacouver | NC-17 | Future Fic, Detective Fic, Romance, Angst, Long Fic| {Recommended}
    Summary: Seacouver 2075, the world has changed but crime persists. A series of murders leads police officer Duncan MacLeod to meet a long time lost friend. Follow the investigation and see if Duncan can mend with his past, his present and his future.
  • AnnP
    - No Man Is an Island | NC-17 | Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Action/Adventure, Drama, Long Fic | {Recommended}
    Summary: Methos leaves when MacLeod refuses to face their new-born relationship and goes to another woman. His trip isn't peaceful and soon he finds himself stranded on a desert island with other passengers... now how Duncan will manage to talk to him?
    - Paid In Full | NC-17 | Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Drama, Long Fic | {Recommended}
    Summary: One day an unconscious wounded man appears in front of Joe's door, could it be Methos who has been nowhere to be seen for a year? What had happened to him?
    - Pale Pawn | NC-17 | Alternate Universe, Action/Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Medium Fic | {Recommended}
    Summary: Methos had a dream, one that makes much sense for him. He soon meets Kalas then MacLeod... He knows what they are and what he is for them.
  • Aristide (Alterego of Mairead Triste)
    - Leaning with the turns | NC-17 | Humor, Romance, PWP, Medium Fic | {Recommended}
    Summary: After a memorable humiliating experience for Duncan, Methos shows him the difference between being reckless and being adventurous.


  • Basingstoke
    - Bride Price | PG | Humor, Pre-Slash, Short fic | {Recommended}
    Summary: Methos and Amanda are teasing Duncan setting the price for how much she's willing to sell Duncan for.



  • Cassidy
    - To Learn From a Cat | PG | Casual, Humour, Medium Fic | {Recommended}
    Summary: Methos tries with cunning to impose his cat guest into Duncan's barge... But will he win at this game of manipulation?
  • Chelle
    - What Methos Won't Do For… | NC-17 | Casual, Humor, PWP, Medium Fic | {Recommended}
    Summary: Invited for diner, Methos notices there's a pattern that need to be changed when Duncan only serves him a bottle of beer as drink when Joe and Mac have old whisky, scotch, wine.
  • Cook, Lanning (see Lanning Cook)
  • Cross, Sharon (see Sharon Cross)



  • Dayspring
    - Hellos, Goodbyes, and Other Assorted Sentiments | PG-13 | Angst, Romance, Future fic, Short fic | {Recommended}
    Summary: After centuries of a relationship with Duncan, Methos sees the sunny sky of his life darkened by clouds. Will that be the end?
    - Tessellation | R | Drama, Angst, Action/Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Long Fic | {Recommended}
    Summary: When Joe announced that Duncan is dead, Methos goes investigate in a quest to resolve the mystery, to revenge his friend, and to mourn about a relationship that would never be. But what he will discover isn't what he expects...
  • Dargelos
    - White Rabbit | NC-17 | Alternate Universe, Angst, Novel | {Recommended}
    Summary: Five Immortals get together in the late sixties, and form a band, the Old Dead Guys. The story is a scattershot collection of reminiscence, present day, and articles that hint around everything that might have happened.
  • Diana Williams
    - Misconceptions | NC-17 | Romance, Humor, Angst, Novel | {Recommended}
    Summary: The double quickening that Duncan and Methos shared has some after-effects leading Duncan to have a sexual intercourse with Methos. Weeks after, Methos breaks into Duncan's barge reproaching him of rape and for knocking him up.
  • D.L. Witherspoon
    ~ The Restoration Series | Series (6), Complete
    • Call to Rise | R | Humor, Action/Adventure, Casual, Angst, Pre-Slash, Long Fic | {Recommended}
      Summary: Duncan MacLeod and Adam Pierson, professors at Seacouver University live a double life as everybody knows or suspects it. And the day comes when Joe announces them that another Dark Quickening has appeared...
    • Twilight of the Dawn | R | Humor, Casual, Angst, Pre-Slash, Medium Fic
      Summary: Christmas is near and with it begins the race for gifts, unfortunately Methos suffers from side effects due to the Dark Quickening.
    • Boats against the Current | R | Humor, Action/Adventure, Casual, Drama, Angst, Pre-Slash, Long Fic | {Recommended}
      Summary: While our heroes are in the middle of a casual and joking life at the university, a seeming organized group of Immortals arrives at Seacouver hunting for the legendary Methos.
    • Memory Rut | R | Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Casual, Pre-Slash, Medium Fic
      Summary: Duncan discovers that Methos is far from having recovered from his previous ordeals. The events have made him sensitive, trueful, thoughtful and talkative as he confides in his friend.
    • What Lies Within | R | Humor, Action/Adventure, Casual, Angst, Pre-Slash, Long Fic | {Recommended}
      Summary: As Methos remembers more and more about his past, Duncan is convinced that his friend has his own demon to face...
    • Becoming | R | Humor, Action/Adventure, Drama, Angst, Pre-Slash, Long Fic | {Recommended}
      Summary: The identity of the person who is behind everything that happened lately to Methos is revealed, someone who had been really closed to him and is after Methos since the old Immortal is now the only obstacle between him and the world. The destiny of Methos is being fulfilled...



  • Elynross
    - Hope Chest | NC-17 | Romance, Casual, Humor, Medium Fic | {Recommended}
    Summary: Duncan wakes up feeling extremely well after too long. He wonders why and is surprised to happen to be in the mood of reminiscing about his past relationships. He decides then to go through his Hope Chest.







  • Hafital
    ~ Three Days of Rain | Series (3), Complete | {Recommended}
    • Jazz | PG | Casual, Humor, Short Fic | {Recommended}
      Summary: Post 'Till Death', Methos is woken up soon in the morning by Duncan and dragged to a Jazz Festival far from Paris.
    • Thunder | NC-17 | Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Short Fic | {Recommended}
      Summary: Post 'Forgive us our trespasses', Duncan beheads an Immortal and doesn't take it well. He wanders to Methos' Flat.
    • Bridge | PG-13 | Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Short Fic | {Recommended}
      Summary: Post 'To be/not to be', Methos wakes up at Duncan's barge wondering about his presence beside Duncan.



  • Illuferet
    - Methos' Journals | NC-17 | AU, Humor, Angst, Medium Fic | {Recommended}
    Summary: Some entries of Methos' Journals corresponding to Duncan MacLeod lifetime. What if Methos really did know everyone?



  • Jacques H. Valentine
    - Metempsychosis | NC-17 | Angst, Pre-Slash, Gore, Medium Fic| {Recommended}
    Summary: Duncan received the unexpected visit of someone who is supposed to be dead months ago. But how can this strange girl at his door be Methos?
  • Julad
    - The Freshest and the Best | PG | Humor, Casual, Pre-Slash, Short fic | {Recommended}
    Summary: 2018, after years of absence, David Pierson alias Methos comes back to Seacouver. Duncan McLeod takes him to THE market.



  • King, Ladonna (see Ladonna King)



  • Ladonna King (also known as Sleeps With Coyotes)
    - Still Heart | NC-17 | Action/Adventure, Drama, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Long Fic | {Recommended}
    Summary: Methos forsees the emergence of an ancient egyptian menace in between oppressive dreams. The answers of the unfolded mystery are buried in his mind even if covert with confusion and fear. And soon they would be needed. The question is: will he fix the shreds of his relationship with Duncan and mend the pieces of his soul in order to achieve his prime purpose? .
  • Lanning Cook
    - Sacred Trust | NC-17 | Action/Adventure, Angst, Novel | {Recommended}
    Summary: After Bordeaux and Byron, Duncan and Methos are through but things are worse than they seemed. An old threat reappears.
  • Lady of Shalott
    - Friend of the Devil | NC-17 | Drama, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Short Fic | {Recommended}
    Summary: Duncan under the influence of the dark Quickening is led to the Holy Springs by Methos, the trip does turn out to be much more eventful than what was shown.


  • Mona Ramsey
    - Cocoon (Poetry Series: E.E Cummings 1) | PG-13 | Casual, Romance, Angst, Short Fic | {Recommended}
    Summary: Duncan watches Methos sleep and think about him, about himself, about them...










  • Rachael Sabotini
    - Masque | NC-17 | Drama, Angst, AU, Horror, Gothic, Orgy, Medium Fic | {Recommended}
    Summary: Lost in the country, Duncan and Brian seeking for a a shelter arrives at a big mansion where a party gets ready. They will discover that the host and his reception aren't innocent at all...
  • Rae, Tessa (see Tessa Rae)
  • Ramsey, Mona (see Mona Ramsey)
  • Rimau
    - The Matchmaker | R | Action/Adventure, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Medium Fic | {Recommended}
    Summary: Connor arrives at Seacouver on a call from Duncan, but finds out that his kinsman is nowhere to be seen. Connor decides to question Joe his watcher and meets Adam. Worried they all depart to Duncan's last destination to discover what happened...



  • Sabotini, Rachael (see Rachael Sabotini)
  • Sharon Cross
    ~ Specter | NC-17 | Future Fic, Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Alternate Universe, Novel | {Recommended}
    Summary: Specter is the most reknown and feared assassin in recent times, but Specter is a just code name. Who is this creature who has no memories of his past and has for only drug-induced directive to murder on command? What happens when the weapon turns against his masters? And then what are the ties he shares with the one called First Citizen in this new federation of planets, ultimate developpement of human civilization?
    ~ Songs of the Flesgl | NC-17 | Future Fic, Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Hurt/Comfort, Alternate Universe, Novel | {Recommended}
    Summary: Duncan has a plan to abolish genetic slavery but it is a dangerous and hazardous plan that will plunge Metho's position into hell and both of them into serious troubles. Against the numerous enemies facing them allies appear but so does a terrible threat to all life in the galaxy...



  • Tarsh
    - Renewal | PG-13 | Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Medium Fic | {Recommended}
    Summary: Methos has to retreat from the world leaving his life, the persons he loves, his skin behind... at least for awhile.
  • Tessa Rae
    - So Comes a Reckoning | NC-17 | Action/Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Drama, Novel | {Recommended}
    Summary: While dealing with the sharp edge of their relationship (or lack of), Duncan and Methos have to face assassins sent by the Collective. They pretend to act to prevent the Gathering but who are they really and what is their real purpose?




  • Valentine, Jacques H. (see Jacques H. Valentine)



  • Whitecrow
    - Joie de Vivre | R | Casual, Romance, Angst, Hurt/comfort, Medium Fic | {Recommended}
    Summary: Duncan disappointed by Amanda's absence on her birthday's party lets Methos drag him on a woman hunting night across Paris. But what he thought he wanted is no more what he wants... or maybe it still is.
  • Williams, Diana (see Diana Williams)
  • Witherspoon, D.L. (see D.L. Witherspoon)







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