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The Duncan/Methos Fic List
Misconceptions, by Diana Williams 
5th-Jul-2005 03:50 pm
>> One in a lifetime <<

Title: Misconceptions
Author: Diana Williams
Public: NC-17
Genre: Romance, Humor, Angst, Novel
Warning: Male Pregnancy

Summary: The double quickening that Duncan and Methos shared has some after-effects that led Duncan to have a sexual intercourse with Methos. After what, they put distance between them for awhile. What Duncan doesn't know is that Methos wasn't in his right mind or state during that famous night and he has no memories of what happened. What Duncan doesn't expect is a month after the said event, a particularly mad Methos "breaks" his door shouting at him that Duncan had knocked him up taking advantage of his unconsciousness. Methos doesn't seem to be surprised though that an Immortal, a male Immortal can be pregnant... Follows all kind of events and obstacles marking the tumultuous journey of an established relationship-to-be.


Settings ==> It appears at first to be what is considered the most canon for a post-Horsemen fic. The beginning is classic but pretty good with a heavy atmosphere and angst. The pregnancy realization and confrontation are both believable and well-built with its batch of past references and explanations. No, really, it is well done and details will appear little by little making it more interesting and leaving time to digest it better. The universe created stands strong with a few (just don't question too much) holes. But this is the abundance of this universe that makes it the more particular and somehow totally credible. The fantasy is explaned in spades, the pregnancy seems real, the attention to every details: doctor, friends, family, marriage, baby names, baby party, baby shopping...

Characters ==> The most mastered character is without contest Methos at times secretive, self-conscient, egoistic, witty, plaintive, compliant, kind, silent, nervous, mad... All his facets are explored in this story and all in all, he is the most canon or maybe just the most fanon. Duncan is too shallow and weak of character which is fanon enough but far from canon in my opinion. He lacks of dimension particularly when it concerns his desire to have kids. Being the introspective kind, I expect him to be more, feel more, brood more whatever... just more. However Duncan has his moments and altogether his place and presence stay strong. The immediate clique surrounding our couple includes Joe, Richie, Amanda... then Connor... then Gina, Robert and others Immortals, this for the ones you know. What I can tell is that this story gives a nice share for all these characters, almost no one had been forgotten and appears at some point or another of the story. And I haven't mentionned yet the original ones, first and most Julian but a bunch of others appears on the stage too. This said, I must point that stereotypes haven't been avoided. This too easy side of the characters can seriously become too much to stand. But really give it a try, seeing the scary amount of average to long parts (around sixty), it is excusable.

Plot ==> There's no real "plot", see it as a thick really thick slice of life. The fic isn't just ship-oriented, it is ship. Events happen as they come sure, but mostly as they appear in the author's head. No plan, just a step after another in a straight line. However what the author lacks in far-thinking is largely filled by a productive and detailed one scene after another imagination. She has the merit to follow her ideas to their ultimate end. The predictive side brings a comforting feeling and makes the story quite enjoyable.

Style ==> First it is really really linear and there's no recognizable "style". The first parts have more personality, color and tone than the rest. It is obvious that the author facing the size of the fic opted for something simple to tell the story, she then kept from taking risks and being inventive in her writing resulting in a rythm that favours more quantity than quality. That said, know that she keeps it with a sure coherency all along never pretending it to be otherwise than a Ship Soap. The author has enough talent and will to produce a thick piece of work if not brilliant, for sure pleasant and interesting.

Interest ==> Truth be told, I am not generally fond of the male pregnancy thing and the pics you'll find with the fic disturbed me quite enough. And even if I find the reaction of the protagonists really too casual and easy. This same casual side made me accept the whole trick more easily. I suppose that it's the effect of a Soap itself, "I don't really believe it, it is silly and dramatic, but I am addicted and want to know what's going to happen from now". But it isn't exactly that, it's simpler. This fic is a sweet candy you just want to indulge on.

In conclusion ==> There're stories that are in nature far better in their realization or content that this one. So for what reason do I rate this one with "One in a lifetime"? Because you'll never find this elsewhere. Its uniqueness makes it something you must try.

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