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The Duncan/Methos Fic List
Methos' Journals, by Illuferret 
11th-Jul-2005 05:31 am
>> One in a lifetime <<

Title: Methos' Journals
Author: Illuferret
Public: NC-17
Genre: Alternate Universe, Humor, Angst, Medium Fic
Warning: PG-13 except for one journal entry.
Other Characters: Amanda, Rebecca, Xavier, Fiztcairn, Walter...

Summary: Some entries of Methos' Journals corresponding to Duncan MacLeod lifetime. What if Methos really did know everyone?


Settings ==> It passes over several references of Duncan's past and connects them with Methos in a subtle and distant way. These events fits perfectly in this alternate universe and the statement of the summary "What if Methos really knew everyone?" reveals to be true. The many anecdotes about famous history characters are amusing and believable. History is seen in a special perspective that you can call modern but in truth just 'Methosian', with this relativist take-on typical of Methos. The Past then isn't intensified and displayed with force to the eyes, it is told with an untemporal tone of someone who has seen more, done more but lives in his time nonetheless.

Characters ==> It is Methos' journals so it's about Methos, all in all he is canon. There's not this angst from post-horsemen, it calms down centuries before. Now is the period where Methos settled down into this persona that we see in the tvshow, someone mature and humanist with flaws and whims, someone amused and amusing with an edge sometimes sad, sometimes angry, sometimes dark. The tone of the journal entries is always light-hearted and easy going which suits Methos' personality.

Plot ==> Slice of life, a lot of slices. It's the story of one Methos discovering one Duncan. Their lifes are interlacing without never meeting till the end. It's like a dance, just delightful.

Style ==> The journal entries' writing is elegant, respecting this scholar, polite and almost flowered style that old writings used to have. The writing stays light whatever the content and gives a self-derision level to it. The author smoothly builds a quite neat perspective on Methos.

Interest ==> Definitely interesting. If you have a modicum of culture, you'll appreciate some of the guest appearances. If you're too cultured, you'll see the holes and flaws rapidly, then maybe it will bother you. If you have no culture, you should nonetheless appreciate the author's efforts to mix Duncan's past with Methos. The story has a peculiar pace and you might not get it then it will seem boring. But it is delightfully amusing.

In Conclusion ==> Either you'll love it or hate it, and in both case it won't be strong emotions but nonetheless it is a special, peculiar and sweet story that deserves this rating.

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