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The Duncan/Methos Fic List
Bride Price, by Basingstoke 
11th-Jul-2005 06:05 am
>> One in a lifetime <<

Title: Bride Price
Author: Basingstoke
Public: PG
Genre: Humor, Pre-slash?, Short Fic
Other Characters: Amanda

Summary: Methos and Amanda are teasing Duncan setting the price for how much she's willing to sell Duncan for.


Settings ==> Although it is silly and short, there's reference to old ways like the bride price which are fun and believable. Humm Methos' background stands strong.

Characters ==> Amanda and Methos are delightfully playful thus perfectly in character. Duncan's reaction is canon. What else to say?

Plot ==> Plot? What Plot? It's a Kodak Moment, entirely delightful.

Style ==> Simple, dialogues and character interactions oriented.

Interest ==> Delightful, am I repeating myself?

In Conclusion ==> It's fun, fun and hum fun?

<< Go Read It >>

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