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The Duncan/Methos Fic List
Hope Chest, by Elynross 
13th-Jul-2005 06:31 am
>> Must Read <<

Title: Hope Chest
Author: Elynross
Public: NC-17
Genre: Romance, Casual, Humor, Medium Fic
Other Characters: Richie Ryan, Joe Dawson

Summary: Duncan wakes up feeling extremely well after too long. He wonders why and is surprised to happen to be in the mood of reminiscing about his past relationships. He decides then to go through his Hope Chest.


Settings ==> A casual and easy tone serves to create this sweet settings. But it doesn't change the fact that it lacks of continuity with the tvshow as we can't place efficiently this story anywhere in its timeline making it not only timeless but completely alternate universe. Anyway this can be explained by a will to not go angsty and stay in this light-hearted tone. The rare true references to the past are lacking of strenght and stay too vague and impersonal.

Characters ==> The characters are canon or canon enough. Duncan is credible in his quiet and loving mood. Methos stays witty but sweet. Richie and Joe have less 'screentime' but are in character.

Plot ==> It's a slice of life however the staging, quiet and linear, is quite neat. It goes with a particular fluidity and thus flows naturally to the culmination point which remains sweet all the same.

Style ==> The writing is fairly good, even excellent. It's highly coherent and smooth creating this unique fuzzy atmosphere. But it is the pacing that wins the prize, tranquil and slow. We surprise ourselves to hum happily with Duncan. The style marries perfectly the description, introspection, dialogues and character interactions making each passage as sweet and delightful.

Interest ==> Got hooked by the pacing and general good feeling. The interactions with each characters were particularly pleasing, interesting and amusing. Also Duncan's gradual realization that he is falling in love is a reason enough to read this story.

In Conclusion ==> For all sappy D/M fans, it is undeniably a must read. For the others, the tone is light enough so that you can safely indulge on a bit of sweetness.

<< Go Read It >>

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