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The Duncan/Methos Fic List
Three Days of Rain: Jazz (1/3), by Hafital 
15th-Jul-2005 10:54 am
>> One in a lifetime <<

Series Title: Three Days of Rain

Title: Jazz (1/3)
Author: Hafital
Public: PG
Genre: Casual, Humor, Short Fic

Summary: Post 'Till Death', Methos is woken up soon in the morning by Duncan and dragged to a Jazz Festival far from Paris.


Settings ==> Intentionally not informative, but nonetheless coherent and strong, the story is focused on the now, present moment that the characters live with no references to the past if not a definitive common background that weight without never voicing litterally its presence.

Characters ==> The story is viewed under Methos' perspective which is superbly rendered. However Duncan's characterization is totally canon and for once not fanon which isn't that common in this particular fandom. What else to tell? A lot, it's beautifully mastered. Their feelings, sentiments, sensations, thoughts, hope, desires... everything fits perfectly in a story focused only on its characters.

Plot ==> It is a slice of life, impermanent, fugitive that we are glad to see happen. It is slowly built as we are dragged like Methos in this unexpected trip not knowing where it leads. It rises firmly till a rather poetic final leaving us refreshed by this rain so wonderfully staged.

Style ==> Excellent, colorful, poetic without pretention, a writing that flows fluidly but never stays in one dimension rendering the story more consistent than sparse between introspection, dialogues, description, action. It is just delightful to read.

Interest ==> Humm it is a delight to read, really light and charming. The casual side is soothing, the poetic side is hum... titillating, the sweet side is delicious. What else do you need?

In Conclusion ==> Altogether, this story relates what can be called as a "bonding" if not "mating" ritual between our two heroes, which translated into closed proximity, a shared activity, a bit of complaining, definitely enjoyment , a touch of romance and lots of rain. What else a DM/M fan needs? Nothing, especially when it is so beautifully set.

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