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The Duncan/Methos Fic List
Three Days of Rain: Thunder (2/3), by Hafital 
20th-Jul-2005 07:50 pm
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Series Title: Three Days of Rain

Title: Thunder (2/3)
Author: Hafital
Public: NC-17
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Short Fic

Summary: Post 'Forgive us our trespasses', Duncan beheads an Immortal and doesn't take it well. He wanders to Methos' Flat.


Settings ==> Few mentions of what happened before, but the story essentially focuses on Duncan overwhole feelings or state of mind. Between this story and the first, a lot has happened that separated the two. The atmosphere, the pace is completely different. Also it is still slow, it isn't light anymore, it would be even darker if not for the rain which sort of wash Duncan's soul rendering him kind of empty, shallow and cold.

Characters ==> The portrayal of Duncan isn't exactly canon because it is difficult to imagine him so helpless, lost yes, brooding yes... destroyed yes... not helpless. His behaviour is hesitant, while none of them really know what to say, what to do. They occupy too much space to stand in the same room.
Methos is distant, careful, noncommital but supporting which can fits his character.

Plot ==> Slice of life, angsty piece of work but oddly non-heavy.

Style ==> The light-heartedness of the first episode is lost but this subtle poetic light tone is still present and gives to the story such an unique view of relationship, of life. The author marries introspection, description, short moments of action, and minimal dialogues. She does it with style and this personal pace that makes her story so special.

Interest ==> As we can suppose, after the Horsemen, Duncan and Methos had split. The distance between the two characters shows it clearly. It is interesting to see Duncan doing the first step even if after, or because of a moment of weakness. The quite eerie quality and the rain make this scene, this interaction between them so particular, something that needed to settle between the two and that we didn't see on tv, which on itself is a reason enough to read this fic.

In Conclusion ==> I regret the simple genius and talent she displayed on her first story, mixing so much elements together and reaching a perfect balance. While this story lacks of this balance, it still possesses this pace she builds so well. She also has the merit to make us see the time passing, healing, covering this big crisis, which we didn't have the opportunity to see on the tvshow. And the experience in the end is as cathartic as it is for one Duncan.

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