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The Duncan/Methos Fic List
Three Days of Rain: Bridge (3/3), by Hafital 
21st-Jul-2005 09:51 am
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Series Title: Three Days of Rain

Title: Bridge (3/3)
Author: Hafital
Public: PG-13
Genre: Angst, Casual, Hurt/Comfort, Short Fic

Summary: Post 'To be/not to be', Methos wakes up at Duncan's barge wondering about his presence beside Duncan.


Settings ==> One word diffuse, the context is almost imperceptible but that doesn't mean there isn't one. On the contrary the ground is firm, letting us appreciate only the bittersweet state of mind of this third person narrator.

Characters ==> As usual, it can't be considered as exactly canon but it isn't fanon, and I'm grateful for the last part, because that means none of the characters is caricatural. Methos all along carries a bittersweet mood. It's like his being is murmuring, whispering... folded up, trying not to bother, not to exist too much, not to think too much. It's almost shyness which couldn't suit him but strangely it only reflects a bare mind, not anymore distant or noncommittal just accepting whatever happens.

Plot ==> Still slice of life. As in the story, it is like taking a walk, there's content and satisfication in this activity, and there's calmness. The story is a moderate roller-coaster of emotions, which begins high to calm down then high again to end up high but lighter. Despite of its genre, we are indeed led along a solid railroad.

Style ==> The casual side of the first story reappears but with the angsty background of the second. The pace and style of this particular author are still highly enjoyable. It conveys a sort of 'on the brink' sensation, as if we were walking on a living ground and under our feet there is intense, meaningful and vivid depth. And the story is carried, raised by this depth to occupy its full dimension.

Interest ==> It is one another version of a post-O'Rourke bonding ritual between our heroes. As it is obvious that we never had (never will, never would have) this from the tvshow, it is to be assumed that any D/M fan would seek this in the many fics around, which is a reason enough to read this one. However, this story isn't like others, the pace, the style is quite unique and could disappoint those fans. As it is, the story soars up fully when part of the Series itself.

In Conclusion ==> This story closes the Series. With symmetry, it brings the perspective of Methos and we could regret it, wishing rather for a half/half letting us also know the mind of Duncan. Nonetheless it doesn't lack of meanings as we could fear, it stands as a coherent, consistent, sensitive piece of writing.

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[<<] Thunder

Overall Series Review:

>> One in a lifetime <<

In Conclusion ==> This Series answers efficiently and beautifully the crisis that was brought up with the Horsemen episodes, we have then the chance to see a before, a during and an after scene, painting the most completely the situation at stake. It does it with a peculiar and poetic style, unique to this author. The writing tends to individualize the characters, making you see only through one pair of eyes, making you sense as if you were in his skin. It isn't angst, it is simply living. This Series is something you need to experience, no drama, no scenes, no heart ripping, no desperation... It is sweet, it is bitter, it is bittersweet.

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