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The Duncan/Methos Fic List
Tessellation, by Dayspring 
1st-Aug-2005 04:31 pm
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Title: Tessellation
Author: Dayspring
Public: PG-13 to R
Genre: Drama, Angst, Action/Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Long Fic

Summary: When Joe announces that Duncan is dead, Methos goes investigate in a quest to resolve the mystery, to revenge his friend, and to mourn about a relationship that would never be. But what he will discover isn't what he expects...


Settings ==> Greatly done if taken granted that this story is closed to an alternate universe. The timeline is placed after the end of the series, it stays pretty vague all along but it doesn't bias its coherence and strenght. At the end, we have the chance to see a pretty original take on Methos' earlier past. We can though protest about some general lack of accuracy, as the surrounding doesn't fit perfectly and doesn't ring that right at times.

Characters ==> It's mainly a Methos fic and it stamps heavily into most of this genre clichés. I have a few problems believing in that Methos-heroworship thing, mostly because it is a simplistic view. However there're good elements and ideas about him, and altogether the tone is soothing enough for you to disregard this downside. In the end it is Methos interactions with the characters that define them. Although his relationship with Joe is really neat and his relationship with Duncan is fine and has a particular appeal... while faced to original characters or others, Methos isn't very credible, overly dramatic, overly romantic... and just sappy.

Plot ==> Contrary to most of the authors around, Dayspring does construct a real plot, and her efforts are obvious to the reader as the story has action and a mystery to discover. So we follow Methos in his investigation with curiosity and great indulgence because we have fun doing that. However, it has to be told, the story is quite linear and is mostly focused on the characters, because it is in fact what it is, a character story.

Style ==> The style is light and more than just simple, we can feel that the author has experience and the story flows pretty well. Even if there is a lot of inner introspection, the tone is rather light and easy-going, because the style balances well the elements of the plot and this angsty side.

Interest ==> It was pretty much a delight to read, easy. The pace is great, not too fast, not too slow, not too short, not too long. Also there's a bunch of good ideas scattered all along that renders the story interesting and pleasurable. And to finish, this perspective on Methos is really something appealing.

In conclusion ==> I particularly recommend this fic to the Methos fans as it is really focused on that. I do appear to be a fan of Methos myself and I found this story really enjoyable, emotionally and intellectually.

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