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The Duncan/Methos Fic List
The Restoration Series: Call to Rise (1/6), by D.L. Witherspoon 
8th-Sep-2005 04:04 pm
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Series Title: The Restoration Series

Title: Call to Rise (1/6)
Author: D.L. Witherspoon
Public: R
Genre: Humor, Action/Adventure, Casual, Angst, Pre-Slash, Long Fic
Other Characters: Joe Dawson, Constantine

Summary: Duncan MacLeod and Adam Pierson, professors at Seacouver University live a double life as everybody knows or suspects it. And the day comes when Joe announces them that another Dark Quickening has appeared...


Settings ==> Truth be told, the circumstances and the timeline are consciously only evocated and the least I can say is that they aren't the object of a thoroughful exploration. However the story fits with a lot of sense into the continuity of the tvshow and the movies, thus it makes references to lots of elements you should know if you had followed the show at least for a bit. That said, the own universe of the fic functions very well, details are provided when it is needed... Altogether, it is a coherent and strong piece for sure.

Characters ==> The recurrent characters of Highlander's mythology are a little left behind concentrating mainly on Methos, Duncan and a little less Joe, something very usual in our category of stories I might say. If Methos is fanon to the death, so is Joe, Duncan for his part stays more canon than he could have been or was expected to be. But this latter must be explained by the decision to favour a friendship over a blatant romance in our pairing. That apart, the characters are coherent and well developed all along. The few original characters colorfully described fits into the painting of a more ordinary life around our heroes while staying out of the main plot.

Plot ==> The plot in itself has little if no importance at all, it serves to magnify the focus on the identity, state of mind and possible outcomes of the heroes or should I say just of Methos? As it is, the storyline is linear and ends predictably and unoriginally.

Style ==> That is where the author saves entirely this common if epic story. The writing isn't remarkable, it is mastered yes but it doesn't take risk or try to be inventive and it doesn't show any particularity worth mentionning. So how? The answer is the staging. If it was only an epic fic, truth is it would be boring but it is really a bunch of things. It mixes humor, drama, casual, angst, action, adventure with a fluidity so fitting you don't realize or you just don't care you've just changed of range, in the end you just let yourself enjoy the ride.

Interest ==> A part of me always seeks a visible manifestation of a romance between Duncan and Methos, it is natural to want to establish a truth we intimately believe in our mind. That is why we read fics so it comes true in a way or another. And then it comes a time when it shouldn't matter anymore, when devotion, involvement and affection should suffice and mean even more. It is in a 'just simple' relationship that we in the end revel.

In conclusion ==> The fic is entirely too fanon according to my taste but the humor and casual touch really helps making credible a story that flirts dangerously with a heroworship overdose. In the end we can only enjoy ourself for the time being and go with the flow.

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