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The Duncan/Methos Fic List
The Restoration Series: Twilight of the Dawn (2/6), by D.L. Witherspoon 
12th-Sep-2005 01:27 am
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Series Title: The Restoration Series

Title: Twilight of the Dawn (2/6)
Author: D.L. Witherspoon
Public: R
Genre: Humor, Casual, Angst, Pre-Slash, Medium Fic

Summary: Christmas is near and with it begins the race for gifts, unfortunately Methos suffers from side effects due to the Dark Quickening.


Settings ==> The story follows logically the previous part, it keeps the same spirit, emotionally oriented but fitting well in the overall grand picture. It also explores the mystery that is the past of Methos and it does it with a certain sense of forthcoming, a real coherency and an undeniable smoothness.

Characters ==> The characters previously painted on the last part are true to themselves. Methos is still fanon but entirely enjoyable. Duncan toes the line... still the celebrations of Christmas brings a more sweet and sappy tone. Otherwise, the relationship between our heroes including Joe is something particularly caring without being too maudlin.

Plot ==> The fic combines two processes, first showing the characters and their relationship, secondly and maybe most importantly building the fondations and little by little setting the mechanisms of the wheels that will move the plot further in order to achieve the goal of the author and to come to the point, the real "story" of this series which we won't see yet and this for awhile till every little pieces are in place and working.

Style ==> The style hasn't changed, the writing is as mastered, no faults, it goes fluently. What does distinguish the story is again a special sense of staging and a relaxing, humourous tone. And it is that which prevents the fic to fall deep into a mushy and far too angsty story.

Interest ==> The previous part which wasn't that extraordinary was interesting enough to want to see more, want to know more. Though this part is unexpectedly not action and big plotting oriented, as it focused on the characters as said above... hopefully it is graciously shorter making it enjoyable.

In conclusion ==> While it doesn't exactly meet our expectations, it definitely doesn't disappoint us. The author with this second part sets a particular rhythm which balances between characters, relationship, plotting, action, adventure, mystery, angst, humor, casual... all with a special style. We're learning to adapt to her pace and start to enjoy it as it is.

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