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The Duncan/Methos Fic List
The Restoration Series: Memory Rut (4/6), by D.L. Witherspoon 
21st-Sep-2005 12:17 am
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Series Title: The Restoration Series

Title: Memory Rut (4/6)
Author: D.L. Witherspoon
Public: R/NC-17
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Casual, Pre-Slash, Medium Fic

Summary: Duncan discovers that Methos is far from having recovered from his previous ordeals. The events have made him sensitive, trueful, thoughtful and talkative as he confides in his friend.


Settings ==> This part presents itself as a sort of respite before the two last longer (in size) and greater (in scale of importance) parts that announce to be really dense (solid), a respite on the action level but not in the emotional level. Elements showed in the series till now are slowly processed and matured to form the shape of a plot which we haven't seen all the strings yet.

Characters ==> The fic really focusses on the characters, mainly Methos, and their relationship, mainly Methos/Duncan. It is interesting to see the strong and intense connection between the two, but their interactions by staying on a non-romantic stage do, at the same time, render their relationship extremely not believable (and not only from a D/M fan point of view) and in another hand make the scene really more credible (and not only from a D/M fan point of view). The line seperating Gen and Pre-Slash had been played in the previous part and strangely this ambiguity is still working here. Maybe it is a flaw but then an interesting flaw it is.

Plot ==> In the same model as the two previous parts, it allies exploration of Methos' character and preparation of what is to come. It can be compared as a slice of life with some purpose.

Style ==> The acquired author's style is still present here, a well mastered writing, a light tone, intense dialogues. The whole package is still extremely pleasant and interesting to read.

Interest ==> The more it goes the less expected the parts become which is a good quality by me as you get surprised by the nature of the part and its content. We learn more of Methos, his past is explored more and more clearly... if you find that interesting, you'll find the part and the series worth reading for sure.

In conclusion ==> Maybe a lowdown in the series as it is maybe the most self-reflected part which only serves as a transition between the overture of the series and the closure whose approach we sense. It is in this perspective barer, shorter and more useless. However it does create or more accurately accentuate the atmosphere that will enable the plot to take place.

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