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The Duncan/Methos Fic List
So Comes a Reckoning, by Tessa Rae 
3rd-Dec-2005 10:20 pm
>> One in a lifetime <<

Title: So Comes a Reckoning
Author: Tessa Rae
Public: NC-17
Genre: Action/Adventure, Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Drama, Novel

Summary: While dealing with the sharp edge of their relationship (or lack of), Duncan and Methos have to face assassins sent by the Collective. They pretend to act to prevent the Gathering but who are they really and what is their real purpose?


Settings ==> It is rare to see a story which really takes and uses all elements of Highlander Universe with such mastermind. Moreover it really presents itself in continuity with the TV Series. As such, it stands very coherently and consistently, every piece fits with a lot of sense in the overall puzzle; to tell more will certainly spoil the fun of discovering the story for the first time so I will just say that it is really well-set.

Characters ==> Contrary to what it can seem when starting to read the fic, it isn't only focused on Methos' character but really on Methos and Duncan. I even tend to think the few escapades to a couple of secondary characters' perspective are a wrong initiative, it kind of downgrades the effort put into rendering, so very well by the way, the reality of our heroes through their link and relationship. Anyway their characterization is nearly perfect, it is indeed fanon even if it doesn't contradict what we know of the canon which is what a good fic should manage to do. The secondary characters however are a bit shoddy, incompletely characterized, though it doesn't affect the unreeling of the plot. To finish, I have to talk about the original characters. Altogether, they are really original and consistent. Though while some are more detailed than they should be, others are too easily left unexplored, unexplained. If I had to be petty (which I am naturally am), I would say the depiction of the characters in the whole lacks of coherency and balance.

Plot ==> It is really well-thought out and well-managed. The action is set on a rather large period of time, about a year. It is highly non-linear and I'm repeating myself but every piece fits with a lot of sense in the overall puzzle. The staging of the action in parallel with the staging of the evolution in D/M relationship are a pure pleasure to enjoy. The fic holds expected issues but also a lot of surprises and occurences that move the story in other directions. There is really an abundance of great ideas, a real creative imagination, and a strong talent to build stories.

Style ==> The writing is without doubt mastered, balanced, easy but moderately sustained which is the proof of experience in the matter. There is really no flaw but we could reproach for a certain conformity to a norm too easily reached, comformity which sets a pace maybe too expected and monotonous.

Interest ==> Goes as the saying "In for a penny, in for a pound" but in a good way. We start with something rather common in D/M fic, Methos' frustration towards Duncan's disregard/unconcern reserving a really appealing angsty first passage... and it continues with an epic story all over Europe with conspiracy, mysticism and magic, involving lots of characters with a lot of issues at stake.

In conclusion ==> It's a really big, large, solid piece of work we have here. Without hesitation, totally incontrovertible... at least for every D/M fans who respect themselves as such ^^. Anyway it's really interesting, captivating and a pleasure to read... and it is very long and tasty.

05/02/2012: It seems that once again the author has removed her fics from public access. She had put every mature material on archiveofourown.org but in restricted access (you need to be a member and the waiting list to register is like forever). Long ago, I asked and was authorised by Tess Rae to avail her story by mail only. I'm now again acting on this franchise and offer this service for whomever leaves me an email adress in the comments of this post. >>

5th-Apr-2007 05:32 am (UTC)
9th-Apr-2007 11:46 pm (UTC)
I was wondering, do you happen to have the series by her titled 'The What If' series and if yes, can you send it to me??

Thanks in Adv!!

P.S. Heard alot of good thinks about it and i love a Methos/Duncan pairing/storyline and she's a good writer..Very in characacter and i like that her storys are long and not your usual one-shots or just very short...

Any help to me getting this story would be appreciated by ANYONE!!!

My email add, again is atgb252525@yahoo.com
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