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The Duncan/Methos Fic List
1st-Jul-2005 09:24 am
1. What is The Duncan/Methos Fic List?

As its name indicates, it is supposed to be a list of fanfictions involving Duncan/Methos pairing from Highlander Universe.
Is it a Rec List? Yes, preferably. Is it a Review List? Yes, of course. Is it an Exhaustive List? No, mainly because it isn't a flame list but mostly because it is still, at this date and probably forever, incomplete.
As a Rec/Review List, we encourage you to join us to post stories or simply to comment on the stories or on the reviews insofar as you stay polite and respectful.

How to browse the List

- The Entries: Each story begins by general infos and a short summary.
Title: ""
Author: ""
Public: ""
(In theory it goes from G to NC-17, but I personally prefer to substitute G with PG, regarding the content of the TVshow and the public that either browses this fic list or reads fics. See the Tags Lexicon for further infos.)
Genre: "", "", ...etc, "" Fic
(Specifies the genre of the fic, it goes from left to right with the more pertinent to the less relevant. It ends with an approximate indication concerning the length of the fic.)
Warning: "", ""... etc
(Concerns the special warning associated to the reading of the fic that could shock the reader.)
Summary: ""

- The Authors List: You'll find the links on the Sidebar (at your right). Authors and Titles are ordered alphabetically. The links lead to story entries not the stories themselves. You'll find the story link on its entry.

- The Tags: The Tags system provided by LiveJournal is an accurate and easy way to sort the story entries between main categories that helps you to find just what you desire. You'll find the links to those categories on the Sidebar under "Story Tags".

- Memories: You'll find the link at the top of the page, at the right. The Memories Page is constituted of a list of keywords that describes the fics on the List, click to access to fics that would fit your description.

2. What do those Tags mean?

The tags system provided by LiveJournal is an accurate and easy way to sort the story entries between main categories that helps you to find just what you desire.
Do you want a Romance oriented fic? Click on romance in the sidebar.
Also the system doesn't enable multi-tags browsing but hey don't be picky!
As you can see, the story entries AND the Authors List are enough informative and clear for you to make your choice easily.
Most of the Tags are enough obvious to not need a translation but you can find a short lexicon on the sidebar.

3. About the Authors List, what you have to know:

The links lead to the story entries, not the stories themselves, the link to the story is of course in the story entry.
The List is sorted by alphabetical order. However know that it doesn't follow the usual Last Name, First Name pattern. Starting with the principle that authors use nicknames and not their real or simply real names, we thus keep the spirit that if one call themselves for instance Joan of Arc, Miss Tacos, Evelyne D. Forges, or Tiger, whatever. Why will we decide that Arc is the Last Name or Tacos, or Forges or Tiger... You see the point.

4. Can I propose a story/my story?

Yes, you can post a comment in the appropriate thread but know that if your story receives a specially bad review, it won't be added.

5. Can I join the community, post, review and rec stories into the List?

Yes, please do. However, you'll need to wait until a moderator authorize you to post entries. It is possible that you have to convince the mod a bit plus you need to respect thus learn the posting rules.

6. Concerning the matter of taste...

There's no accounting for taste. We each appreciate different aspects of stories. Some only like stories that are well-written, some value a good emotional ride despite uneven language, some like edginess, some cleverness, some fluffyness.
This List has been made a Community List for the people who share the same interest to express their own taste in the matter and not exclusively an elite and closed group.
If you don't agree or on the contrary you are enthusiastic about one entry please leave a comment.
In the end all we can do is promise you that each of the story entry will have a clear, average if not extensive review so you will know what to expect.

[ ETA:
7. You're searching for a particular fic but you only remember some details no title nor author?

Click on the Memories link at the top of the page, you'll find a list of keywords describing the fics on the List. Maybe you'll find what you're searching for. ]


1 - One story = One post.
In the case of Work In Progress, you can pile up parts into several posts.
In the case of a Series, it is preferable to individualize each story and leave an overall review in the last entry of the Series.
[ ETA: If a Series/Story is similar to a long novel-size fic with many chapters, feel free to pile it up into one unique or several posts. ]

2 - Each entry body needs a clear and standard presentation.
Remember the more detailed the merrier. See an example of template below, ( ) means optionnal.

(Recommendation/Personal Rating)





3 - Use the appropriate tags for the story (for easy browsing)
NC-17, R, PG-13, Angst, Action/Adventure, Romance... etc
Notice that for now only the Public and Genre elements are labelled as Tags.
About the Rec Tag: know that only your most favorite fics must have this tag. The List is by itself a list of your favorite stories, the Rec Tag is supposed to reward the most unique ones.

4 - Please do not duplicate story.
That means you have to check the recent entries and the Authors List before adding a story entry. If it already exists, feel free to leave your review in the comments of the pre-existing entry.

5 - The review form is free but keep in mind that some of the visitors don't want to be spoiled about the story. So keep it vague or if you must, signal SPOILER and use <font style="color:black;background-color:black">Your text</font>.
To see the content the visitor need only to select the text. Test with the text below:

6 - It is obvious but don't rec and review your own stories. It would be pretty lame and not relevant.
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