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The Duncan/Methos Fic List
Paid In Full, by AnnP 
24th-Dec-2005 04:51 pm
>> One in a lifetime <<

Title: Paid In Full
Author: AnnP
Public: NC-17
Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Angst, Drama, Long Fic
Warning: BDSM, Rape, Non-Con
Other Characters: Cassandra

Summary: One day an unconscious wounded man appears in front of Joe's door, could it be Methos who has been nowhere to be seen for a year? What had happened to him?


Settings ==> Vaguely set after the TV series but this is more an alternate universe than a simple timeless fic. It uses essentially elements of the Horsemen arc to build a coherent byplot with Methos as the central character. The slave side is particularly well-rendered if not a little too simplistic. I will say that it lacks of depth but not of volume. Anyway the settings are coherent and consistent.

Characters ==> It is surprising to see that Methos keeps his freshness and his characterization doesn't fall into the maudlin gap, however it can't be said of all the other characters. Their reaction are hence too stereotyped and expected, highly non original, too rosy, too heroworshipper, or too stupid. The original characters fall into this category but nonetheless they are interesting and really bring out the story. I can't even really talk about Duncan since he seems rather meaningless maybe too fanon for my taste.

Plot ==> The plot is what entirely saves the whole story. There has been really thinking brought into it. It is built on a series of flashback/past actions which reconstructs little by little and on different levels what happened to Methos and thus depicting his character. In this perspective, it is very well-managed.

Style ==> It has a certain neutral taste to it, not heavy, not fresh, not heated, not cold. It is in the end quite balanced and rather well-mastered. It is obviously more oriented on the story itself than on the narrative, however the staging is really good.

Interest ==> The more you read, the more interested you get. It grows on you and it is altogether very satisfying. I'm not really a dark and bdsm (nor a shiny and rosy either) reader and this fic which has some of those componants still avoids this categorization by staying rather relativist in spirit thus I think anyone can enjoy it.

In conclusion ==> This fic developes quite an original and interesting resolution of the Horsemen issues, first between Methos and Cassandra, and second and most importantly between Methos and Duncan. With that, it also appeals to those kinks which concern domination, submission... bdsm (bondage and sadomasochism) plus this fic explores the concept of slavery. So if it is your thing, don't hesitate and go for it.

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