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The Duncan/Methos Fic List
To Learn From a Cat, by Cassidy 
24th-Dec-2005 05:01 pm
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Title: To Learn From a Cat
Author: Cassidy
Public: PG
Genre: Casual, Humour, Medium Fic

Summary: Methos tries with cunning to impose his cat guest into Duncan's barge... But will he win at the game of manipulation?


Settings ==> We're on the barge and it's raining outside. There is no reference to Highlander arcs and it stays highly non descriptive of the circumstances. Timelessly sets however the environnement and atmosphere are very well rendered. The staging is absolutely fluent and delightful.

Characters ==> They are exquisitely drawn. Methos' analogy with the cat and his behaviour with it are delightful. He is a blending of canon and fanon that suits him immensely. Duncan for his part is surprisingly as cunning as he can appear at times on the TVshow, this balance between canon and fanon is a pleasure to experience. As for the cat, great original character it certainly is.

Plot ==> It's casual, slice of life... A scene for us to appreciate the dynamic between our two heroes. The end is maybe a bit too abrupt though.

Style ==> The author manages a really good balance between description, action and dialogues. It makes the story really pleasing to read, no downtime, no filling descriptions... it sets a particularly pace really relaxing.

Interest ==> The analogy between Methos and a cat is by itself worthy of our interest. The casual behaviour and the playful manipulation from each parts are delightful.

In conclusion ==> I advice the reading of this fic between two piece of angst. It is really a light pleasure to indulge on.

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