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The Duncan/Methos Fic List
Joie de Vivre, by Whitecrow 
16th-Jan-2006 02:17 pm
>> Once in a lifetime <<

Title: Joie de Vivre
Author: Whitecrow
Public: R
Genre: Casual, Romance, Angst, Hurt/comfort, Medium Fic

Summary: Duncan disappointed by Amanda's absence on her birthday's party lets Methos drag him on a woman hunting night across Paris. But what he thought he wanted is no more what he wants... or maybe it still is.


Settings ==> While rather timeless and vague, the circumstances appear to be well rendered and well described creating a really colorful and consistent atmosphere. The impression given of the city and the nocturnal activity aren't neglected which is something recurrent in those kind of angsty, smutty stories. Altogether, the settings remains superficial but coherent.

Characters ==> Maybe one of the most canon characterization of Duncan that I had encountered, thus Duncan is very well depicted. The slash overturn doesn't ring false and is in continuity with his character. Methos stays rather mysterious which suits him and fits his character perfectly. All in all, one of the best characterization I saw for the two of them.

Plot ==> There is no big plot as I understand it, but a real staging, a real gradation of their relationship and the final slip towards romance. It's really well built and gives a formidable impression to the reader.

Style ==> It is an excellently balanced writing. Dialogues are inserted intelligently inside the narrative, the actions don't disrupt and on the contrary enhance the mood. It doesn't fall into angsty turmoils and manages to stay pleasantly casual.

Interest ==> At first it easily appears as something unoriginal as it has been done by so many others before and kind of repeats a so familiar pattern but you really should give it a try, it really grows rapidly on you.

In conclusion ==> A really excellent reading, the pacing is remarkable, the characterization is quite incontrovertible. It's really a classic for any D/M fans.

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