The Duncan/Methos Fic List

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What is The Duncan/Methos Fic List?

As its name indicates, it is supposed to be a list of fanfictions involving Duncan/Methos pairing from Highlander Universe.
Is it a Rec List? Yes, preferably.
Is it a Review List? Yes, of course.
Is it an Exhaustive List? No, mainly because it isn't a flame list but mostly because it is still, at this date and probably forever, incomplete.

As a Rec/Review List, we encourage you to join us to post stories or simply to comment on the stories or on the reviews insofar as you stay polite and respectful.

How to browse the List

- The Entries: Each story begins by general infos and a short summary.
Title: ""
Author: ""
Public: ""
(In theory it goes from G to NC-17, but I personally always prefer to substitute PG to G regarding the content of the show and the public that either browse this fic list or read fics. See the lexicon.)
Genre: "", "", "", "" Fic
(Specifies the genre of the fic, it goes from the left to the right with the more pertinent to the less relevant. It ends with an approximate indication concerning the length of the fic)
(Concerns the special warning associated to the reading of the fic that could shock the reader.)

- The Authors List: You'll find the links on the Sidebar (at your right). Authors and Titles are ordered alphabetically and display enough information. The links lead to story entries not the stories themselves. You'll find the story link on its entry.

- The Tags: The Tags system provided by LiveJournal is an accurate and easy way to sort the story entries between main categories that helps you to find just what you desire. You'll find the links to those categories on the Sidebar under "Story Tags".

- Memories: You'll find the link at the top of the page, at the right. The Memories Page is constituted of a list of keywords that describes the fics on the List, click to access to fics that would fit your description.

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